All Things PG01

The unit focuses on the design and development of a research strategy as a means of envisaging and mapping out a systematic line of enquiry. A Literature Review is undertaken as part of this strategy, including the exploration of significant texts and debates as well as established research methods and methodologies.

Driven by an iterative process of analysis, reflection and evaluation of research findings, the research strategy supports and progresses the development of an argument to its final conclusion at the end of the Research Process unit, giving rise to hypotheses, concepts or project ideas for further investigation. These contribute to the foundation of the ensuing units, where the research strategy continues to play a role in the evaluation and testing of further processes and outcomes.

Semaspace semantic network

an impressive interactive 2D & 3D graph layout, which is capable of displaying large 3d semantic networks. the online system is powerful enough for the calculation of complex networks of more than 1000 nodes & can incorporate additional data such as images, sounds & full texts. the current dataset consists of a complex semantic network with all projects & people involved in Ars Electronica until 2003.
see also 3d network browser & vizster & pivotgraph.
[|thnkx Dietmar]


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