Ravensbourne MA/MSc British Library and British Museum Visit

Week 5.       Tuesday  16/11/2010       All postgraduates to attend.

Jeremy Barr, Mark Ingham, Jeremy Gardiner

11.00-13.00  Visit to the British Library and exhibitions + registering as a reader

We will meet in the Foyer of the British Library at 11am

You will explore all of the exhibitions that are open to the public and if you can you should join the Library as a reader. See the link below foe what you bring with you so you can join…

Registering for a Reader Pass

The British Library 96 Euston Road London

See the link below for more information of how to get there…




14.00-16.00  Site visit to the British Museum [How to analyse a cultural institution]

After lunch we will meet at the Rear Entrance of the British Museum

[Rear entrance to the British Museum, Montague Place, London WC1]

Think about how you want to explore this space and think of a way of capturing your experiences of this trip that will help you remember it in a way that will be useful to you in the future.

See the link below for more information of how to get there…




One response to “Ravensbourne MA/MSc British Library and British Museum Visit

  1. Thanks for the organisation and planning. Both venues were terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and cultural reward. My morning began registering as a reader in the British Library for the first time, All the staff were so helpful and friendly and genuinely interested in my specialism, background and choice of University. I’m now the proud owner of a 3 year membership card. Yay me! Post registration I explored the exhibition on the foundations of the English language with Elyse, It was difficult not to feel rich in the presence of the collection on display, we even took part in in interactive quiz… winning isn’t everything thankfully… My afternoon was spent travelling through time in Japan from 1000 BC – 2010 courtesy of the British Museum Mitsubishi sponsored collection in rooms Rooms 92-94. I found the Ceramic suggested by Jeremy and began a series of 16 Frames in a single shot image. exploring Time & Space in a inspiring setting. I’m Looking forward to revisiting both venues again. thanks again

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