Critically Argued Research Document

In the programme specification it says that a student should: Document and manage a complex, extended project as well as reflect on the critical and creative processes involved, and the professional context. This seems to be a good starting point for a discussion for how the researched document should function.

The Critically Argued Research Document that will be a part of the Final Major Project needs to do a number of things and all should be made clear in either or both the practice and the contextualising document.

1. The Contextualisation of the Practice [Literature Review]

2. Relate Practice with theory through Research. [Research Strategy]

3. Articulate the relationships between research and practice. [Learning Log/Critical Analysis]

4. Argue the case for the artefact, product or system in a professional context.[Analysis of Project]

5. Document the evolution of the project from the outset. [Learning Log]

6. Evaluation of the final presentation of the practical project. [Written Analysis]

The form this ‘document’ takes and its position in relation to the ‘practice’ element should be negotiable. It could be a web-site, a film, a traditionally written text etc, but no matter what form it takes it has to implement of all of the above elements. If the students have a clear understanding of what their overall project must achieve then there could be an opening up of the relationships between practice, theory and research.


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