About PG01

This unit examines the role that research plays in developing and contextualising advanced practice-based projects in the creative fields of design, communication and digital technology. It is delivered centrally to all MA students in the belief that the key activities of the unit – the study of methods and methodologies, contextual studies and reflection on research process – are activities that are greatly enhanced when carried out in a multi-disciplinary and therefore comparative context. It also encourages a learning culture in which exchange, mutual support and experience is shared between peers. Nevertheless, it is recognised that many students will experience and understand the concepts which they engage with in the unit from the perspective of their discipline, and that lecturers and seminar leaders will need to enable them to take a more strategic view. The approach taken is also underpinned by the belief that designers and communicators need to have a clear position in relation to the ethical questions raised by the conduct of research in the information age.


8 responses to “About PG01

  1. Hello.
    I am studying communication deign Ma

  2. Hello.
    I am studying communication design Ma

  3. I am a new member in the course of ‘Interactive Digital Media’.

  4. Hello, I’m studying full time on the the Moving Image course (brian johnson)

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