Structure for the Presentation on Tuesday 23/11/2010

10.00-13.00    14.00-17.00    MA Space

With: Professor Jeremy Barr, Dr Mark Ingham and Professor Jeremy Gardiner.

Formative Assessment: Presentations of your nascent Literature/Practice Reviews.

For this maximum of 5 min presentation you have to show the whole group your website you have constructed for your MA, which also acts as your Learning Plan. It should have all the information up on it that all your tutors have given you including all the briefs you have been given in PG02.

1.       You will show us how the website works and how it is structured.

[The Architecture]

2.       You should show us how it is helping in your research and your learning.

[The Connections]

3.       It should show how you are reflecting on what you have learnt as you go along.

[The Reflexivity]

4.       It should demonstrate that you have started to construct a Literature/Practice review.

[The Broader Survey]

5.       You should show how this review is helping you think about your own project.

[The Critical Thinking]

6.       You should tell us about your ideas for your own project and how and why you want to do it.

[Yourself and Your Project]


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