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Ravensbourne PG01 MA Tasks for week 3 [09.11.2010]

Ravensbourne PG01 MA Tasks for week 3 [09.11.2010]

1.       Construct a Mind Map of Jeremy and Mark’s exposition this morning. This should convey your understanding of what was discussed in relation to a sense to your own practice. Where are you?

2. You have to start a ‘conversation’ with someone online who will be usefully to you in understanding your project. This has to be someone not at this University. Who do you want to talk to?

3. Create more functionality on your website so it starts to become more personal and more professional. Who are you?


What is the Uncanny?

Dear MA/MSc Student

Thank you for a very lively and informative days work and we hope your research process journey is a fruitful one.

Your work for next week is to write approximately 300 words on why you think you are motivated to do a project at Ravensbourne. You may also want to explain what you are thinking of doing as well,,.

You also have to think about how you might answer the question: What is the Uncanny? And how you might do this in one sentence.

The unit brief is in the brief tab along with the timetable. Read these carefully and if you have any questions we can go through them in detail next week,

Have a good week,

All the best