Research Strategy

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Creative research ideas

The most effective researchers:

  • take time to plan
  • find a question that is both challenging and possible, both open and focused
  • check their research doesn’t beg a question*
  • explore many kinds of sources, not just textbooks
  • learn how to speed-read
  • get quickly to relevant information
  • think analytically and imaginatively about what they find
  • store their notes in efficient and interesting ways
  • collaborate with others and take on other people’s views
  • present their final ideas in inspiring and effective ways
  • use what they find to solve a problem or make a difference

Your presentation:

You may present your research strategy in any way you like as long as it communicates your ideas clearly and succinctly.

The presentation will examine the role that research plays in developing and contextualising advanced practice-based projects in the creative fields of design, communication and digital technology.

The Presentation will focus on the design and development of a research strategy as a means of envisaging and mapping out a systematic line of enquiry.

Driven by an iterative process of analysis, reflection and evaluation of research findings, the research strategy supports and progresses the development of an argument to its final conclusion at the end of the Research Process unit, giving rise to hypotheses, concepts or project ideas for further investigation.

The presentation should demonstrate that you have and can:
• Understand what is meant by a research strategy;
• Identify, design and implement a research strategy;
• Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of directed research;
• Articulate the research strategy to members of their academic community.


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